Top 3 Most Popular Hex Socket Bolts Types


You can easily find Hex Socket Boltss in any steel structural construction project. However, they are divided into various types that you may not be familiar with. The following article helps you differentiate them in a more detailed and clear way.

1. Socket Cap Bolts

– This type of screw has a cylindrical body and head, with the head recessed deeply in a hexagon shape.
– The design of the Socket Cap Bolts with a recessed head provides high aesthetics for equipment details without the risk of visible joints.
– Additionally, this screw has a high tightening torque, creating sturdiness and durability for the product.

bu lông lục giác chìm đầu trụ

Socket Cap Boltss have strong and durable tightening force.

2. Flat Head Socket Cap Screws

– It has a cylindrical shape, and the body is threaded perfectly to match with nuts.
– The design of the head being hidden in the joint enhances the aesthetics of the connections.
– Furthermore, the flat head does not obstruct other components of the connections, increasing the versatility of the product.
– However, assembling this screw requires specialized tools.

Bu lông lục giác chìm đầu bằng

Flat Head Socket Cap Screwss enhance the aesthetics of the connections

3. Socket Button Cap Screw

– It has a button-shaped head, with a cylindrical body that is fully threaded or partially threaded, in metric or inch sizes.
– It is manufactured from stainless steel or corrosion-resistant grade steel.
– It is widely used in construction, woodworking, and mechanical engineering.

Bu lông lục giác chìm đầu tròn

Socket Button Cap Screws.

What Materials Are Hex Socket Boltss Made From?

Hex Socket Boltss are commonly made from stainless steel and inox. Among them, stainless steel screws have three common types:

+ Stainless Steel 201 screws have a low cost, good load-bearing capacity, but poor resistance to chemical corrosion. Therefore, they are mainly used for assembling toys and wooden products.
+ Stainless Steel 304 screws have high resistance to chemical corrosion, moderate cost, but lower load-bearing capacity compared to type 201. They are mainly used in shipbuilding, swimming pools, and wastewater treatment facilities.
+ Stainless Steel 316 screws overcome the disadvantages of the above two types by having both good corrosion resistance and load-bearing capacity. However, the cost of this type is relatively high.

Popular Categories of Connecting Bolts:

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