White zinc Plated Bolts

The commonly used white zinc-plated bolts are manufactured using zinc electroplating technology. This process is instrumental in protecting the surface of the bolts by applying a thin layer of zinc through a passive electrolytic deposition method, resulting in a white-greenish color on the metal surface.
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    The technical specifications for White zinc Plated Bolts
    • Manufacturing standards: DIN 933/931; ISO 4014/4017
    • Material: Carbon steel
    • Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 6.6
    • Diameter: M8 ~ M30
    • Length: 10 ~ 300mm
    • Type: Transparent lace, bare lace
    • Surface finishing: GIEOMET/DACROMET.
    • Origin: KPF Korea, KPF Vietnam, CTEG Vietnam, China


    White zinc Plated Bolts are manufactured using zinc electroplating technology. This process is instrumental in protecting the surface of the bolts by applying a thin layer of zinc through a passive electrolytic deposition method, resulting in a white-greenish color on the metal surface. The zinc coating is resilient, preventing peeling, and forms a durable protective layer. This coating provides effective protection, giving the bolts a shiny white appearance, meeting high aesthetic requirements, and contributing to the prolonged lifespan of the bolts. White zinc-plated bolts find applications in the installation of workshops, steel frame structures, connecting pipes, and flanges. Additionally, these products are utilized in the centrifugal concrete industry, structural engineering, and machine assembly.

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    The characteristic of White zinc Plated Bolts 

    - White zinc Plated Bolts: with durability grades 4.5, 5.6, and 6.6, with durable loads of 400 kgf/cmf, 500 kgf/cm2, and 600 kgf/cm2 respectively, commonly used for constructions in industries that do not require high durability and low load, chiller piping systems, MEP systems, and so on, where the design engineer calculates the durability level based on the product's mechanical properties.

    - White zinc Plated Bolts are used with zinc plating technology to protect the surface by coating a thin layer of zinc with a passivation that gives the metal surface a greenish-white color. This zinc coating will not peel off like paint, forming a reasonably good protective layer and providing a glossy white surface for bolts to meet the requirements of improving aesthetics and longevity.

    - The product's mechanical properties are expressed using two parameters: breaking strength and yield strength. Bolt marking number 5.6 is understood to be:

    • Tensile strength (minimum breaking strength): 500 Mpa

    • Yield strength (minimum yield strength): 300 Mpa

    Knowing and assessing bolt strength enables us to select the appropriate bolt for each connection application.

    Refer to the ISO 898-1 bolt mechanical characteristics table for more information.

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    View detailed information about the products:

    Application of White zinc Plated Bolts

    - White zinc Plated Bolts are used in large bearing connections such as steel structures, high pressure pipeline installation, heavy industry, and so on.

    - White zinc Plated Bolts are used in centrifugal concrete, machine assembly, and mechanical industries to erect factories, steel structure truss frames, or to connect flanges, pipes. gas for construction,...

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    Why should you choose Cuong Thinh for White zinc Plated Bolts?

    - CTEG is committed to meeting 100% of the quality standards set: clarifying the materials used to create products for customers, providing the proper materials as promised, in line with the technical drawings and the required work.

    – Quick product return

    – On-time delivery

    – CTEG's products and services are aimed at providing the highest quality to customers, with product quality serving as the basic foundation for businesses and constantly innovating to provide the best value

    - CTEG consistently comes up with ways to import directly produced goods at the best possible prices without having to cross another bridge. helping to keep the domestic market stable. Bring manufactured goods to the world market gradually. Effectively support the growth of the nation and the industry.

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    The most important CTEG evaluation criteria:

    - Product quality: High-quality products that have been tested to meet standards before being released to the market.

    - Warranty policy: CTEG's products are committed to providing the best after-sales service possible, including a lifetime warranty policy.

    – Delivery policy: CTEG pledges to deliver goods on time, quickly, and efficiently in order to serve you.

    – Return Policy: All defective products, even if they are in stock, will be returned. 

    Cuong Thinh Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company is honored to be a partner and takes pride in being a wholesale importer, manufacturer, and supplier of materials to various businesses and factories in multiple industries. We specialize in providing materials for industries ranging from mechanical engineering to transportation construction, industrial sectors, solar energy, shipbuilding, and more. Our flagship products include bolts, anchor bolts, connection bolt, cables, turnbuckles, screws, and other essential components. 

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