Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws

Vít đuôi cá đầu dù hay còn có tên gọi khác như vít tự khoan là một loại sản phẩm phổ biến ở thị trường Việt Nam và trên thế giới. Phần đầu dù và phần đuôi dạng đuôi cá – tự khoan. Sản phẩm được chế tạo từ các loại vật liệu khác nhau, trong […]
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CTEG là đơn vị sản xuất và cung cấp vật tư liên kết sỉ số lượng lớn cho ngành xây dựng. Với hơn 10 năm hoạt động, CTEG cam kết luôn kinh doanh bằng chữ TÍN và đặt chất lượng hàng hoá, dịch vụ lên hàng đầu. Quý khách hàng hãy liên hệ:

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Quý khách vui lòng gửi thông tin, nhân viên tư vẫn của chúng tôi sẽ liên lạc lại ngay

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    Thông số kỹ thuật vít đuôi cá đầu dù:
    • Material: carbon steel, steel
    • Length: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm  
    • Diameter: based on the customer's request
    • Stiffness: ≥ 600/400 HV
    • Surface finishing: plating electric, plating dacromet, plating seven colors Cr6+, plating Cr3+
    • Made in Vietnam


    Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws are a widely used product both in Vietnam and abroad. Different materials, mostly carbon steel and stainless steel, are used to make products. Depending on the climate and usage requirements, the completed surface may be coated with an anti-corrosion coating such as Cr 3+, Cr6+, galvanized, or stainless steel. Products can be produced in accordance with DIN/ISO standards or specific customer demands.  

    vít đuôi cá đầu dù


    From the input material quality, raw material preservation, to the hexagonal head stamping stage, which impacts the quality and aesthetics of the output, Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws are closely regulated. Following the aforementioned procedure, the screw will go on to the step of thread rolling and nose formation.

    Products are sent to heat lines after going through cold processing stages, where they are heated using modern lines with preset quenching, tempering, and oil quenching temperatures and times.The product is then given the appropriate anti-corrosion layer, such as galvanized dacromet or chromium 3+/6+, if needed. To make sure that the goods on the market meet the remarkable ability of drilling and cutting materials, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, all production stages are sampled and tested in compliance with laws.

    To ensure that the goods on the market satisfy the remarkable ability of drilling and cutting materials, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, all stages of manufacturing are sampled and tested in line with rules.

    The Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws  are made up of three distinct parts:

    • The screw head has a fishtail shape, which distinguishes a standard screw from a fishtail screw. The screw head functions as a drill to penetrate metal purlins or several varieties of purlins made of aluminum, plastic, and wood.

    The threaded screw body will go deep into the purlin bar to form a connection between the stainless steel fishtail screw and the purlin, thereby linking a specific structure to the purlin.

    The screw cap will be used to shoot screws into the purlin using a particular tool. Umbrella head fishtail screw cap, the head of this hat is shaped like an umbrella.

    vít đuôi cá đầu dù

    Quy cách chung của vít đuôi cá đầu dù theo DIN

    bản vẻ vít đuôi cá đầu dù

    thông số vít đuôi cá đầu dù

    Bảng tham khảo thông số làm việc của vít tole Cường Thịnh cung cấp.

    kích thước vít đuôi cá đầu dù

    Một số dạng mũi vít tự khoan phổ biến

    mũi khoan vít đuôi cá đầu dù

    Một số dạng ren vít tự khoan phổ biến

    vít đuôi cá đầu dù

    Application of Self-Drilling Wafers Screws

    - Screws are extensively used for a variety of applications, including connecting hinges in aluminum cabinets, glass cabinets, shelves, connecting soft metal materials that are easy to drill, and so on.

    - Furthermore,the Self-Drilling Wafers Screw is employed for roofing all types of corrugated iron roofs for residences, factories, etc.

    vít đuôi cá đầu dù

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    Why should you choose Cuong Thinh for Self-Drilling Wafers Screws?

    - CTEG is committed to meeting 100% of the quality standards set: clarifying the materials used to create products for customers, providing the proper materials as promised, in line with the technical drawings and the required work.

    – Quick product return

    – On-time delivery

    - CTEG's products and services are aimed at providing the highest quality to customers, with product quality serving as the basic foundation for businesses and constantly innovating to provide the best value

    - CTEG consistently comes up with ways to import directly produced goods at the best possible prices without having to cross another bridge. helping to keep the domestic market stable. Bring manufactured goods to the world market gradually. Effectively support the growth of the nation and the industry.

    Vít đuôi cá làm từ thép carbon, thép inox

    Wafer Head Self-Drilling Screws

    The most important CTEG evaluation criteria:

    - Product quality: High-quality products that have been tested to meet standards before being released to the market.

    - Warranty policy: CTEG's products are committed to providing the best after-sales service possible, including a lifetime warranty policy.

     Delivery policy: CTEG pledges to deliver goods on time, quickly, and efficiently in order to serve you.

    – Return Policy: All defective products, even if they are in stock, will be returned.

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