White Zinc Plating Thread Rod

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    Specification • Material: steel • Stability: 4.6, 5.6, 6.8 • Diameter: M8 ~ M30 • Length: 100 ~ 2000mm • Type: Transparent lace • Surface finishing: White Zinc Plating • Origin: Vietnam/ Taiwan


    White Zinc Plating Thread Rod is a product that is used in the construction, factory erection, and mechanical engineering industries. These threaded rods are also manufactured with different strength grades and surface layers depending on the load conditions. White thread tyres are frequently used with vertical connections due to their length and rigidity.

    tyren xi trắng

    White Zinc Plating Thread Rod


    Ty ren Cường thịnh cung cấp được gia công từ vật liệu Thép C45 (TCVN 1766-75),  CT3 (tiêu chuẩn GOST 380-88), chất liệu thép C35, hoặc thép Inox SUS 201, 304, 316 tùy theo nhu cầu sử dụng. Cấp bền đa dạng từ 4.6- 12.9. Tùy theo mục đích sử dụng mà bề mặt ty ren sẽ là màu đen Oxit sắt (plain/black) được phủ lớp dầu nhẹ bảo vệ hay mạ kẽm điện phân (electro-zinc plated), mạ nhúng nóng (hot dip galvanized) hoặc inox.

    Threaded rods are a widely used product, and as a result, there are numerous market suppliers whose quality is frequently not strictly regulated. To ensure that products are marketed in accordance with the Company's commitments, Cuong Thinh manufactures products in accordance with international standards and with strict quality control at every stage.

    Customers can select products with the best size and level of durability on their own or with the assistance of a consultant. the tyrene diameter ranges from M8 to M30. The length of the tyrene can range from 100mm to 6000mm.

    The following are the mechanical characteristics of carbon steel thread rod:

    • Electro-zinc plated Thread Rod product surface is managed in accordance with ISO 4042 standard.

    • The product's surface is managed in accordance with ISO 4042 standard for electro-zinc-plated tyrene.

    White common Thread rod is used to align two forms of formwork so that they are facing one another. The common durability grades are 4.6, 5.6, and 6.6. They can use struts, nuts, temple feathers, bullet stoppers, plumbing belts, and purlin clamps, among other accessories.

    Hiện nay, tại Cường Thịnh, ty ren được phân phối chủ yếu với các cấp bền 4.6, 5.6, 6.6.

    – Ty ren cấp bền 4.6: là ty ren có cấp bền ở mức bình thường, có khả năng chịu lực kéo tối thiểu là 4000kg/cm2.

    – Ty ren cấp bền 5.6: là ty ren có cấp bền ở mức trung bình, khả năng chịu lực kéo tối thiểu là 5000kg/cm2.

    – Ty ren cấp bền 6.6: là ty ren có cấp bền ở mức trung bình, khả năng chịu lực kéo tối thiểu là 6000kg/cm2.

    Bảng quy cách của ty ren Cường Thịnh cung cấp

    bảng vẽ Ty ren xi trắng

    thông số kỹ thuật Ty ren xi trắng

    Ty ren xi trắng

    White Zinc Plating Thread Rod

    Application of White Zinc Plating Thread Rod

    Today, White Zinc Plating Thread Rod used in a variety of applications. This detail is used specifically to fix the formwork during the concreting process, to connect in the substructure system with fixed parts at the construction site, typically in electrical systems, water in high-rise areas, fire systems, and so on.

    Furthermore, threaded rods are used in the field of M&E to install mesh cable trays, cable ladders, and so on.

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