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The specified threaded rods range from M8 to M30 (D30) with strength grades ranging from 3.6 to 8.8. These rods can be processed with continuous threading or threading at both ends. The length varies from 1 to 3 meters or can be customized according to project requirements.
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    • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel SUS 201, 304, 316.
    • Stability: carbon steel 4.6 - 12.9/ stainless steel 50 ~ 80
    • Diameter: M8 ~ M30
    • Length: 100 ~ 6000mm
    • Type: Transparent lace, lace two ends
    • Manufacturing standards: DIN, ISO, TCVN…
    • Surface finishing: plain/black steel, plated, Electro- zinc- plated
    • Origin: Viet Nam


    The specified threaded rods range from M8 to M30 (D30) with strength grades ranging from 3.6 to 8.8. These rods can be processed with continuous threading or threading at both ends. The length varies from 1 to 3 meters or can be customized according to project requirements. Threaded rods are utilized to connect auxiliary structures (high-rise building electrical and water systems, cable systems, firefighting systems, etc.) with the fixed structures of the construction or to secure formwork for concrete pouring.

    Ty ren gia công kích thước m8 m10 m12 m20

    Structure of M8 M10 M12…M30 Threaded Rods

     High-strength threaded rods provided by Cuong Thinh are manufactured from materials such as C45 Steel (TCVN 1766-75), CT3 (GOST 380-88 standard), C35 steel, or Stainless Steel SUS 201, 304, 316, depending on the specific application requirements. The strength grades range from 4.6 to 12.9. Depending on the intended use, the surface of the threaded rods may be plain/black, with a light oil coating for protection, electro-zinc plated, hot dip galvanized, or stainless steel..

    Threaded rods are widely used, and as such, there are numerous suppliers in the market whose quality is often not tightly controlled. At Cuong Thinh, our products are manufactured to international standards with strict quality control at every stage, ensuring that our products meet the company's commitments when they reach the market.

    Customers can choose or seek assistance from our advisory staff to purchase products with the most suitable dimensions and strength grades. This includes threaded rod diameters from M8 to M30, with a diverse range of lengths, from 100mm to 6000mm.

    Ty ren - thanh ren m8 xuất kho Cường Thịnh

    Classification of Threaded Rods

    Typically, the following criteria are used to categorize tires:

    Threaded rods are conveniently threaded throughout, with a surface electroplated with white zinc static electricity, measuring 1-3 meters in length. This detail is commonly used in conjunction with support brackets.

    Carbon steel threaded rods with a strength grade according to ISO 898-1 range from 4.6 to 12.9.

    The surface of the threaded rod product, electro-zinc plated, is managed according to ISO 4042 standards.

    Some common types of threaded rods:

     Grade 4.8 Threaded Rod: This threaded rod has a normal strength grade, with a minimum tensile strength of 4000kg/cm2.

     Grade 5.6 Threaded Rod: This threaded rod has a medium strength grade, with a minimum tensile strength of 5000kg/cm2.

     Grade 8.8 Threaded Rod: This threaded rod has a high strength grade, with a significant load-bearing capacity, with a minimum tensile strength of 8000kg/cm2.

    Ty ren m8 m10 m12 ren suốt hoặc ren hai đầu

    Coating class classification

    Threaded rods typically have an outer coating to ensure aesthetic appeal when assembling furniture products and to enhance resistance to weather conditions. Based on this coating, they can be classified into the following types:

    Electro-Zinc-Plated Threaded Rods: Considered the most common type, these threaded rods exhibit high durability in dry environments and have a cost-effective pricing.

    Hot-Dip Galvanized Threaded Rods: This type demonstrates good resistance to outdoor environmental conditions, with a thick coating and a large rod diameter.

    Black Oxide Threaded Rods: Often used with threaded rods of grade 8.8, this type is known for its black color resulting from the oxidation process.

    Steel-Colored Threaded Rods: This type of threaded rod is unprocessed, without any treatment after the threading process, making it suitable for immediate use.

    The product surface will be processed in accordance with the needs of the customer, including electro-zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing, and normal (plain/black). Alloy steel 201, 304, and 316: The management of the coating complies with ISO 4042 and ISO 16084 standards.

    Sorting by size

    Based on the diameter of the threaded rods, they are categorized into various types. Some basic types include:

    Threaded Rod M8 (D8)

    Threaded rod M8 has a diameter of 8mm and is used for suspending water pipe systems. One end is fixed to the ceiling, concrete beam, while the other end is connected to the water pipe system using hanging straps or other accessories.
    It is also utilized for hanging cable tray systems and securing them before running electrical wires.
    The M8 threaded rod is suitable for suspending suspended ceilings due to its durability and good load-bearing capacity.
    Additionally, it can be used for hanging decorative items such as lights and signs. M8 threaded rods are widely employed in various design and construction projects, including the installation of firefighting systems.

    Threaded Rod M10 (D10)

    Threaded rod M10, with a diameter of 10mm, possesses greater hanging force and load-bearing capacity than M8, making it suitable for applications where M8 may not suffice. M10 threaded rods are commonly found in high-rise residential water pipe suspension systems, factories, workshops, or industrial settings.

    One end of the M10 rod is fixed to the ceiling or concrete beam, while the other end is connected to the water pipe system using pipe hanging accessories.
    M10 threaded rods are ideal for larger pipe diameters such as D114, D90, D76, combined with pipe hanging brackets, accommodating the load of the pipes.

    Threaded Rod M12 (D12)

    Threaded rod M12, with a diameter of 12mm, is frequently used for securing formwork panels and columns in concrete casting, serving various purposes in construction.

     Threaded Rod M17 (D17)

    Threaded rod D17, with a diameter of 17mm, when combined with D17 anchor plates, forms a connection detail for securing formwork panels before concrete casting. It is also used for cross-wall ties, corner column locks, and various other applications.

    These specifications are provided by Cường Thịnh for threaded rods.

    Thông số kỹ thuật ty ren

    Application of Threaded Rods

    Threaded rods find extensive applications in the field of mechanical engineering.

    The use of threaded rods in mechanical engineering requires high load-bearing capacity and ensures the seamless operation of machinery.

    Applications in this industry typically involve various dimensions, depending on the type, such as M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, and so on. Similar to threaded rods used in furniture assembly, threaded rods for machinery are also electroplated with zinc to ensure smooth threading. This process is crucial to maintain the integrity of the threads, especially in cases where thread defects may occur.

    Threaded Rod

    Application of Threaded Rods in Construction

    The use of threaded rods in construction, specifically in formwork, involves the use of square-threaded rods combined with reinforcing plates, ear brackets, forming a complete system to secure the assembly of formwork panels and formwork columns.

    The most commonly applied type of square-threaded rod in this field is the M17 threaded rod. When the concrete sets, it is skillfully disassembled from the brackets, and the threaded rods are withdrawn for reuse in subsequent constructions.

    In addition to the combination with reinforcing plates and ear brackets, another essential material in construction is the hanger clamp for threaded rods (also known as the U-bolt clamp), used for suspending threaded rods without drilling into the product while ensuring effective functionality.

    Application of Threaded Rods in Household Furniture

    Threaded rods, specifically stud bolts, play a crucial role in assembling household furniture items such as shelves and securing wooden components of cabinets. Threaded rods used in household furniture typically range in size from M6 to M8 and are electro-galvanized to ensure aesthetic appeal.

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