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Bulong inox 201 là loại bulong được sản xuất từ vật liệu thép không gỉ inox 201, tổ chức bề mặt dạng Austenit, với các thành phần chính: cacbon được giới hạn ở hàm lượng rất thấp 0.15%, crom 18%, niken 8%,mangan. Inox 201 là sự thay thế chi phí thấp cho Inox 301 & Inox […]
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CTEG là đơn vị sản xuất và cung cấp vật tư liên kết sỉ số lượng lớn cho ngành xây dựng. Với hơn 10 năm hoạt động, CTEG cam kết luôn kinh doanh bằng chữ TÍN và đặt chất lượng hàng hoá, dịch vụ lên hàng đầu. Quý khách hàng hãy liên hệ:

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    Thông số kỹ thuật bulong inox 201:
    • Manufacturing standards: ISO 3506-1
    • Material: 201 stainless steel
    • Diameter: M8 ~ M30
    • Length: 10 ~ 300mm
    • Type: Transparent lace, bare lace
    • Surface finishing: 201 stainless steel
    • Origin: KPF Korea, KPF Vietnam, CTEG Vietnam, China


    SUS 201 Bolt is a type of bolt made from stainless steel 201 material, austenitic surface organization, and the following main components: carbon is limited to 0.15%, chromium 18%, nickel 8%, and manganese. Inox 201 is a low-cost substitute for Inox 301 and Inox 304. Inox 201 has the property of not producing magnetism during annealing but producing magnetism during cold working

    This type of application is used in a variety of industries, including industrial applications, mechanical engineering, product detail assembly, bolts and screws in electronics assembly, automobile and vehicle assembly. SUS 201 Bolts are used in the wood industry...

    Bulong inox 201 thép carbon


    201 Bolts Characteristic:

    Bolts are made of SUS 201 Bolts material, which has a low carbon content of 0.15%, as well as proportions of the elements Cr, Ni, and Si that range from 16% to 18%, 5% to 10%, and 1%, respectively. Manganese content is 6.5%. The product has the highest strength class of 8.8 under ISO 898-1 because it is entirely cold worked and does not go through a heat process to create hardness.

    - Material group and minimum tensile strength value are the two parameters used to express the product's mechanical properties. The bolt's marking number, A1-80, is denoted as follows:

    A1 austenitic steel, tensile strength

    • Giới hạn bền  (tensile strength Strength): 800 Mpa

    Table of austenitic stainless steel bolts' mechanical characteristics according to ISO 3506-1

    Bảng kỹ thuật bulong inox 201 CTEG 2

    Bảng kỹ thuật bulong inox 201 CTEG 1

    Table of stainless steel conversions from A1 to A5 according to austenitic group classification.

    bulong inox 201

    Bảng giáp bộ bulong, đai ốc, lông đền inox 304 theo nhóm cơ tính theo EN 15048-1

    Application of SUS 201 Bolts

    – SUS 201 Bolts are designed with a finishing, shiny surface and high aesthetic standards in mind. Due to its lower wear resistance in acidic, salty, and basic environments than other stainless steel lines, the product is preferred for use in indoor, dry environments.

    - SUS 201 bolts are used in fixed machine parts and primarily in static structures because they are less susceptible to dynamic loads.

    - SUS 201 Bolts are well suited for shaping. The benefit of this bolt line is its reasonable price. 201 stainless steel bolts are also diversified in size to provide flexibility and guarantee that customers can easily choose and purchase products. Products are specifically machined with diameters ranging from M8 to M30 and lengths between 10 and 300mm.

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    Bulong inox 201 CTEG

    Why should you choose Cuong Thinh for SUS 201 Bolts?

    – CTEG là đơn vị chuyên kinh doanh bulong ốc vít inox tốt nhất hiện nay tại TPHCM và toàn quốc. Các sản phẩm của CTEG được nhập khẩu đa chủng loại, giá cạnh tranh nhất và chất lượng ổn định. Hơn nữa, CTEG luôn đưa chất lượng sản phẩm lên hàng đầu mang đến độ tin cậy cao cho quý khách.

    – Cam kết 100% chất lượng đã đề ra: Làm rõ chất liệu sử dụng làm

    sản phẩm cho khách hàng, cung cấp đúng chất liệu đã cam kết, đúng với bản vẽ kỹ thuật theo công trình đã đặt.

    –  Thời gian đổi trả sản phẩm nhanh chóng

    – On-time delivery

    - CTEG's products and services are aimed at providing the highest quality to customers, with product quality serving as the basic foundation for businesses and constantly innovating to provide the best value

    - CTEG consistently comes up with ways to import directly produced goods at the best possible prices without having to cross another bridge. helping to keep the domestic market stable. Bring manufactured goods to the world market gradually. Effectively support the growth of the nation and the industry.

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    bulong inox 201

    The most important CTEG evaluation criteria:

    – Product quality: High-quality products that have been tested to meet standards before being released to the market.

    - Warranty policy: CTEG's products are committed to providing the best after-sales service possible, including a lifetime warranty policy.

    – Delivery policy: CTEG pledges to deliver goods on time, quickly, and efficiently in order to serve you.

    – Return Policy: All defective products, even if they are in stock, will be returned. 

    Cuong Thinh Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company is delighted to be a partner and is always proud to be an importer, manufacturer, and supplier of wholesale materials for businesses, factories... in many fields, from mechanical engineering to traffic construction, industry, solar energy, shipbuilding industry... with typical products: bolts, anchor bolts, link bolts, cables, risers, screws.

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