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Anchor bolts are an important component to connect details in the structural system to become firm and safe. High load-bearing characteristics and good torsion resistance ensure the stability of the structural system.
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CTEG là đơn vị sản xuất và cung cấp vật tư liên kết sỉ số lượng lớn cho ngành xây dựng. Với hơn 10 năm hoạt động, CTEG cam kết luôn kinh doanh bằng chữ TÍN và đặt chất lượng hàng hoá, dịch vụ lên hàng đầu. Quý khách hàng hãy liên hệ:

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    • Style: I, J, L, U, V
    • Diameter: M10, M12, M16, M20, M24 to M56
    • Length: 300 – 6000mm
    • Material: Stainless steel SUS 201, 304, and 316, and carbon steel
    • Grade: 3.6, 4.6, 5.6, 6.6, 8.8, 12.9
    • Thread length: Upon request
    • Surface finishing: Black steel, Plating, hot dipping, Stainless steel.
    • Origin: Viet Nam
    • Standards: DIN 931/933, ISO 4014/4017, JIS B1178, GB/T 799, ASTM F1554
    • Production time: Depending on quantity or immediate availability
    • Packaging: According to CTEG standards or according to customer requirements


    Anchor bolts are an important component to connect details in the structural system to become firm and safe. High load-bearing characteristics and good torsion resistance ensure the stability of the structural system. Anchor bolts are cylindrical and bent into many shapes such as J, L, U, V, I. They are usually threaded at one end and attached to the ecu.

    Popular Anchor Bolts

    L-shaped Anchor Bolt

    The L-shaped anchor bolt has a threaded shape on one end and an L-shaped horizontal hook on the other end, used to connect the floating part and the foundation of the building. L-type foundation bolts are most commonly used in the construction of pre-engineered steel buildings, electrical systems, transformer stations, street lights, traffic works, ports...

    of anchor bolts,

    Characteristics of L anchor bolts

    The "L-Shaped" anchor bolts are manufactured according to DIN, ISO, JIS, GB, TCVN standards.
    Fabricated from materials such as C45 steel (TCVN 1766-75), CT3 (GOST 380-88 standard), C35 steel, or stainless steel SUS 201, 304, 316 depending on the application requirements.
    They feature a design with one end threaded or having a threaded rod, and the other end with a horizontal hook.
    L-Shaped anchor bolts are commonly used for anchoring and securing various structures.
    The length and the threaded portion of the L-Shaped anchor bolts vary depending on the specific requirements outlined in the project drawings.
    L-Shaped anchor bolts with specialized characteristics are often applied in areas where strong anchoring is essential.
    These bolts find frequent use in structural elements such as beams, columns, foundations, steel buildings, workshops, power station structures, transformer substations, and construction projects involving bridges, culverts, and machinery installations.

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     Bảng thông tin kỹ thuật tham khảo

    Bảng thông tin kỹ thuật bulong neo L

    U-Shaped Anchor Bolt

    The "U-shaped anchor bolt" is a product belonging to the anchor bolt category. The U-shaped bolt has a bent shape resembling the letter "U," with both ends threaded and curved in the middle to securely hook and fasten various structures.

    The U-bolt is a crucial component used to secure structures, particularly steel structures. It is widely employed in the construction of electrical systems, transformer substations, warehouse systems, factories, and steel-framed buildings, providing a robust means of connection.

    bulong neo móng chữ U

    U-shaped anchor bolts

    The U-shaped anchor bolt is manufactured according to standards such as DIN, ISO, JIS, GB, and TCVN.
    It is constructed from materials such as C45 steel (TCVN 1766-75), CT3 (GOST 380-88 standard), C35 steel, or stainless steel SUS 201, 304, 316, depending on the specific application requirements.
    Surface treatments include black coating, electroplating, hot-dip galvanizing, or stainless steel.

    bulong neo bẻ U các loại m8, m10, m12, m20, m24

    The technical reference table for U-shaped anchor bolt specifications

    Thông số kỹ thuật bulong neo bẻ u

    J-Shaped Anchor Bolt

    The J-shaped anchor bolt, also known as J-bolt, features a curved shape resembling the letter 'J,' with one end having a threaded section and the other end forming a J-shaped hook. Manufactured in accordance with DIN, ISO, JIS, GB, and TCVN standards, this type of bolt is commonly referred to as the J-Shaped Anchor Bolt.

    Bulong neo J

    Bulong neo J CTEG

    Thông số kỹ thuật bulong neo j

    Thông số kỹ thuật Bulong Neo J

    V-Shaped Anchor Bolt

    The V-shaped anchor bolt, also known as the V-bolt, features a V-shaped profile and is equipped with threads on both ends for convenient fastening. The bolt is available in steel or galvanized finishes, depending on the customer's requirements and intended application.
    Manufactured from materials such as C45 Steel (according to TCVN 1766-75), CT3 Steel (in accordance with GOST 380-88 standards), C35 steel, or Stainless Steel SUS 201, 304, 316, the choice of material depends on the specific needs of the application.

    Bulong neo chữ V

    Straight I-shaped anchor bolt

    The I-shaped anchor bolt, also known as the straight-end anchor bolt, features a threaded end for convenient threading and is designed to perform connection tasks within structures. The remaining end is left straight.

    Bulong neo thẳng chữ I

    Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts.

    Stainless steel Anchor bolts come in various grades such as 304, 316, and 201. They are utilized in the assembly of steel structural warehouses, power station constructions, and other related projects.

    Stainless steel anchor bolts


    Typically, construction projects utilize anchor bolts with strength classes 5.6, 6.8, or 8.8. Some may employ strength classes 10.9 or 12.9. The strength class of anchor bolts is expressed in terms of minimum tensile strength (MPa) and yield strength (MPa).
    There are various types of anchor bolts, including those with a threaded end, screws, and washers attached to bear external loads. Anchor bolts come in diverse sizes, often machined according to drawings. Depending on specific project requirements, different materials such as black steel, stainless steel, or hot-dip galvanized steel may be used.


    1. Temporarily secure anchor bolts with round steel D8 or D10 in clusters with the main steel in beams and columns.
    2. Position dowels and cores in each cluster, aligning them according to the construction drawing. Use a theodolite, a water level, or an electronic total station for precision (measurement equipment must be calibrated).
    3. Check the protrusion height of anchor bolts against the cores in the construction drawing.
    4. Ensure that anchor bolts are perpendicular to the theoretical design load-bearing surface (concrete surface, template face).
    5. After alignment, firmly secure anchor bolt clusters with the main steel, with formwork, and with the base to prevent any displacement or movement during the concrete pouring process.
    6. Use nylon covers to protect the threaded portion of anchor bolts once installed to prevent damage during concrete pouring.


    Anchor bolts find application in the construction of steel structures such as warehouses and civil structures like high-rise buildings, commercial centers, hospitals, and hotels.

    Bulong neo ứng dụng ngành kết cấu thép nhà xưởng

    Moreover, they are utilized in various projects within the shipbuilding industry, offshore oil drilling rigs, maintenance of power plants, transformer substations, transportation infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and railways, as well as in the construction of ports and renewable energy projects like wind and solar energy facilities.

    Bulong neo ứng dụng các công trình giao thông

    Sales Policy at CTEG

    Product quality: Our products undergo rigorous quality testing and meet standards before entering the market. They come with factory certification (CO/CQ). We offer a 1-to-1 exchange for defective or non-conforming items.
    Warranty Policy: CTEG's products are committed to providing the best after-sales service possible, including a lifetime warranty policy.
    Delivery policy: CTEG pledges to deliver goods on time, quickly, and efficiently in order to serve you.
    Return Policy: All defective anchor bolt products are eligible for replacement, even after they have been stocked.

    Reasons to Choose CTEG

    Dedicated and Professional Team: With a decade of experience, our team is dedicated and professionally serves with a strong sense of responsibility.
    Schedule Commitment: We respond promptly to schedules, saving time for our customers.
    Cost Optimization: Our services are cost-effective from the outset, providing financial savings for our customers.
    Top-notch Quality: We rank first in product quality and third in sales volume within the industry.
    Consistent Policies: Our policies are consistent, with clear and transparent procedures.

    Exemplary Customers

    Đối tác sử dụng bulong neo móng của CTEG



    Are you a customer responsible for purchasing construction materials for your project but unsure about the technical specifications?

    Do you seek a competitive and optimal supplier for construction connectors but don't know where to find one?

    Are you uncertain whether the products you purchase meet the standards for all types of projects?

    Will the anchor bolt products be delivered to your location after purchase?

    What benefits do you enjoy as a loyal customer?

    Does the supplier provide a comprehensive package of structural connectors and accessories for your project?


    Đánh giá khách hàng về sản phẩm bulong neo móng CTEG

    + ATAD: When it comes to ATAD's CTEG Bolt, our focus is 100% on the quality of the service and products they provide.
    + QHPLUS: I prefer working with CTEG over other suppliers because CTEG is always proactive, reminding us of deadlines and notifying us of the receiving schedule. They consistently fulfill their commitments 100%.
    + AN PHONG: After changing several suppliers, we decided to choose CTEG as our primary supply partner because we perceive and appreciate the stability and quality of the products provided by Cường Thịnh, consistently exceeding our quality requirements.
    + BW VIET NAM: Through the quality testing and evaluation of numerous suppliers for the BW project, we found CTEG's quality to be the most stable. In 2021, we designated CTEG's bolts for the construction projects.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Neo Bolts:

    Do you have Anchor Bolts in stock?

    Most manufacturers do not stock Neo bolts because they are products tailored to each project's specific requirements, such as dimensions and standards. Cường Thịnh's manufacturing plant is ready to provide samples for customers to verify the desired quality. Customers are responsible for the cost of sample production and shipping.

    Do you provide complete assemblies with Anchor Bolts?

    To ensure convenience for customers, Cường Thịnh provides accompanying accessories for Neo bolts, such as nuts, washers, and more. Additionally, we offer comprehensive products for the entire structure, including connecting bolts, screws, braces, clamps, and cables.

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