Corrugated Iron Screws 5x50 MM

The corrugated Iron Screws 5x50 mm is an indispensable product in the construction industry, serving as a widely used auxiliary product in Vietnam and around the world. Its hexagonal head and self-drilling or pointed tail contribute to increased tightening capacity, allowing the screw to penetrate deeply into metal or wood layers.
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    Technical specifications of the corrugated iron screws:
    • Material: carbon steel, steel
    • Length: 50mm
    • Diameter: based on the customer's request
    • Stiffness: ≥ 600/400 HV
    • Surface finishing: plating electric, plating dacromet, plating seven colors Cr6+, plating Cr3+
    • Origin: Viet Nam


    The Corrugated Iron Screws supplied by Cường Thịnh undergoes rigorous control from the quality of the input materials, ensuring proper storage of the raw materials through the hexagonal head forming process. This stage significantly determines the quality and aesthetics of the product. Following this step, the screw moves on to the process of forming the tip and thread.

    Products are made from a variety of materials, the most common of which are carbon steel and stainless steel. In accordance with the environment and usage requirements, the completed surface will be coated with an anti-corrosion coating such as Cr 3+, Cr6+, galvanized, or stainless steel. Products are made in accordance with DIN/ISO standards or to customer specifications.

    The Corrugated Iron Screw

    "The characteristics of the 5x50 MM corrugated iron screws 

    The Corrugated Iron Screw ensures strict control over the quality of raw materials, from the input stage to the hexagonal head shaping process. This stage plays a crucial role in determining the quality and aesthetics of the product. Following this step, the screw undergoes a process to shape the tip and thread. This meticulous control and attention to detail are essential in the field of material bonding and structural connections. vít sẽ được chuyển sang công đoạn tạo hình mũi và cán ren. 

    Products are sent to heat lines after going through cold processing stages, where they are heated using modern lines with preset quenching, tempering, and oil quenching temperatures and times.The product is then given the appropriate anti-corrosion layer, such as galvanized dacromet or chromium 3+/6+, if needed. 

    To ensure that the goods on the market meet the exceptional ability of drilling and cutting materials, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, samples from each stage of manufacturing are taken and tested in compliance with rules. Additionally, the factory's manufacturing procedure is essential for self-drilling and heat treatment, the two processes that are most crucial for producing goods of high quality.

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    Application of Chipboard screws 5x50 mm

    Chipboard screws 5x50 mm are used in the construction of steel buildings, prefabricated dwellings, industrial and civil buildings, roofing construction, corrugated iron factories, purlin factories, and other structures.

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