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Bu lông hóa chất Hilti còn được gọi là thanh ren Hilti HAS-E-F – Đây là loại bu lông được sản xuất từ vật liệu thép có cấp bền 5.8, sau khi gia công xong được mạ kẽm nhúng nóng nhằm giảm bị ăn mòn hóa học. Bulong hóa chất hilti được sử dụng trong […]
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CTEG là đơn vị sản xuất và cung cấp vật tư liên kết sỉ số lượng lớn cho ngành xây dựng. Với hơn 10 năm hoạt động, CTEG cam kết luôn kinh doanh bằng chữ TÍN và đặt chất lượng hàng hoá, dịch vụ lên hàng đầu. Quý khách hàng hãy liên hệ:

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    • Tiêu chuẩn chế tạo: ASTM, EN, ISO
    • Nguyên liệu: Thép có hàm lượng cacbon từ 0.15 – 0.4%
    • Cấp bền: 5.8, 6.8, 8.8
    • Đường kính: M8 ~M24
    • Chiều dài: ~300mm
    • Type: Transparent lace
    • Bề mặt hoàn thiện: Mạ kẽm
    • Xuất xứ: Hàn Quốc, Trung Quốc…


    Chemical Anchors, commonly known as Hilti HAS-E-F threaded rod, is a bolt made of steel with a durability grade of 5.8 that is hot-dip galvanized after processing to reduce chemical corrosion. Chemical anchors are employed in wet as well as dry or indoor working situations.

    Chemical Anchors

    Chemical Anchors (Hilti HAS-E-F threaded rod)

    Đặc điểm bulong hóa chất Hilti Cường Thịnh

    Chemical Anchors threaded rod ATAG 001-05, Option 7.

    Chemical Anchors are divided into two parts: the bolt (threaded rod) and the chemical. 

    Chemical Anchors with a variety of sorts that may function under various conditions under the brand name Hilti HAS. One end of the threaded component, which has two ends and is used to drill deeply into the borehole, typically features a V-shaped bevel to prevent rotation of the threaded rod while in operation. The threaded rod has a tapered end that can be inserted into the hole with the help of a hammer. The thread runs the entire length of the threaded rod's body. Typically, there are two sections to this thread: one that extends deep into the hole and the other that protrudes from the outside. The structure is tightened by the Ecu + component.

    Chemical part is an essential component in the manufacture of chemical anchors also known as steel glue and is used to link threaded rods to concrete and stone walls, as well as brick walls.

    Chemical Anchors

    Products supplied by CTEG

    Application of chemical anchors

    • Chemical anchors are used to drill and transplant floor beams in order to create steel structures, lobby roofs, and canopy systems. Industrial floor drilling and transplanting to install industrial equipment lines... After stretching the links to walls, stairs, columns, and foundations, establish structural links using transplanted steel.
    • Chemical anchors can also be used to replace or supplement steel that has been lost or misplaced.
    • Chemical anchors are also used to secure bolts to spherical steel connectors such as steel pillars and beams.
    • Buildings, bridges, and other civil structures frequently have their structural integrity restored using chemical anchors. Weak concrete parts should be replaced, repaired, and reinforced.
    • When used to secure bolts for auxiliary structures, chemical anchors are incredibly powerful.
    • The foundation column of the row rack and the foundation column of the animal barns are both frequently installed using chemical anchors.

    Why should you choose Cuong Thinh for chemical anchors?

    • CTEG is the leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of Chemical Anchors HILTI in the Southeast region.
    • - CTEG is committed to meeting 100% of the quality standards set: clarifying the materials used to create products for customers, providing the proper materials as promised, in line with the technical drawings and the required work.
    • - Quick product return
    • - On-time delivery
    • - CTEG's products and services are aimed at providing the highest quality to customers, with product quality serving as the basic foundation for businesses and constantly innovating to provide the best value
    • - CTEG consistently comes up with ways to import directly produced goods at the best possible prices without having to cross another bridge. helping to keep the domestic market stable. Bring manufactured goods to the world market gradually. Effectively support the growth of the nation and the industry.

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