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Bulong A325M là loại bulong cường độ cao, được sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn ASTM A325M. Đối với bulong A325M, thành phần cacbon chiếm khoảng 0.35% và một ít thành phần Si và Mn để nâng cao độ bền và độ cứng của thép. Riêng thành phần tạp chất như lưu huỳnh (S), phốt pho trong […]
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    • Manufacturing standards: ASTM F3125 Grade A325M
    • Material: There are several additional components to medium carbon steel.
    • Đường kính:  M12 – M24
    • Chiều dài: 30mm – 150mm
    • Cấp bền: 8.8 (ISO 898-1)
    • Loại ren: Ren lửng
    • Bề mặt hoàn thiện: Đen (Plain/Black), Mạ nhúng nóng (Hot dip galvanized), Mạ GIEOMET/DACROMET.
    • Kiểu: Loại 1, Loại 3
    • Xuất xứ: CTEG Việt Nam, KPF Hàn Quốc, KPF Việt Nam, Trung Quốc.


    A325M bolt is a high strength bolt made in accordance with ASTM A325M. The carbon percentage of A325M bolts is around 0.35%, with some Si and Mn components added to improve the steel's strength and hardness. Impurities such as sulfur (S), phosphorus in raw materials for the production of A325M bolts are specifically regulated to low levels such as S0.015%, P0.025%, and the chemical composition of the input materials is also controlled. To improve the mechanical qualities of the product, add a trace of Titanium (Ti), Aluminum (Al), and Boron (Bo).

    It should be noted that the ASTM F3125M standard took the place of ASTM A325M in 2016. The specification for ASTM F3125 combines the preceding six standards, A325, A325M, A490, A490M, F1852, and F2280. We continue to use the A325M marking on the bolt head as a guide since technical parameters including specification and strength limit, yield strength, relative tightness, and relative elongation are unaltered. reduce misunderstanding.

    bulong a325m


    - A325M Bolts is a heavy-duty hexagonal structural bolt having the same construction as a regular external hexagonal bolt, comprising a heavy exterior hexagonal head and a partially threaded body per thread system specifications. meters. A325M Bolts and supplier's mark are imprinted on the hefty hexagon head. The offered product is made up of a set of bolts, nuts, and washers from the same manufacturer, ensuring stringent quality control.

    - The surface of an A325M bolt might be plain or galvanized. ISO 898-1 grade 8.8 bolts are mechanically identical to A325M bolts. A325M bolts are made in accordance with the ANSI B18.2.3.7M standard, and the A325M bolt thread is specified in accordance with the ANSI B1.1.3M standard, with a tolerance of 6g.

    - The raw materials used to manufacture A325M bolts are high-grade carbon steel, with chemical components managed in the exact proportions to ensure the product has stable mechanical features such as: small deformation, high rigidity, safe storage, and powerful anti-destruction.

    - The mechanical qualities of A325M bolt products are equivalent to ISO 898-1 grade 8.8 bolts, as measured by two parameters: breaking strength and yield strength. The bolt's marking number 8.8 is interpreted as:

    • Tensile strength is 830 Mpa.

    • 640 Mpa is the minimum yield strength (Yield Strength).

    A325 bolt mechanical characteristics:

    A325ASTM F3125
    GRADE A325
    ≥ 827≥ 6341435
    A490ASTM F3125
    GRADE A490
    ≥ 1034≥ 8951440

    A325/ASTM F3125 bolt set standard table:

    TYPE 1 Carbon trung bình (Medium carbon), Carbon Boron hoặc hợp kim thép Carbon trung bình (Medium carbon alloy steel)
    TYPE 2 Đã thu hồi từ tháng 11/1991
    TYPE 3 Thép chịu nhiệt (Weathering Steel)
    T Ren suốt (Fully Threaded) A325 (Giới hạn với 4 lần đường kính chiều dài)
    M Hệ mét A325

    A325/A490 bolt set standard table (bolts, nut, wash)

    SẢN PHẨM120 KSI Min Tensile
    830 MPa Min Tensile
    150 KSI Min Tensile
    1040 MPa Min Tensile
     TIÊU CHUẨN BULONG CƯỜNG ĐỘ CAOType 1Type 2Type 1Type 2Type 1Type 2Type 1Type 2
     ĐAI ỐC (TÁN)A563 DHA563 DH3A563M 10SA563M 10S3A563 DHA563 DH3A563M 10SA563M 10S3
     VÒNG ĐỆM (LONG ĐỀN)F436-1F436-3F436M-1F436M-3F436-1F436-3F436M-1F436M-3

    ASTM F3125-A235M mechanical properties table of austenitic stainless steel bolts

    Max.Min.Max.Min.Max.Min.Max.Min.Min.Min.Max.Min.Length ≤100Length >100Max.
    M12 x 1.7512.0011.7321.0020.6724.2523.357.767.
    M16 x 2.016.7015.3027.0026.1631.1829.5610.759.256.524.90.80.431386.0
    M20 x 2.520.8419.1634.0033.0039.2637.2913.4011.608.
    M22 x 2.522.8421.1636.0035.0041.5739.5514.9013.
    M24 x 3.024.8423.1641.0040.0047.3445.2015.9014.109.938.00.80.441489.0

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    Application of A325M Bolts

    Bolts' applicability A325M, in particular, and high-strength structural bolts made in accordance with ASTM F3125 Grade A325M standards in general, are extensively employed in steel buildings subject to large loads, with stringent criteria for safety and long-term building life. High-strength structural bolts have the following characteristics: minimal deformation, high rigidity, high safety reserve, strong resistance to destruction, and meeting the criteria of strong knots and weak components in structural design. Common structural bolt applications include:

    - Road and bridge construction

    - Rtructural works such as factories and industrial parks.

    - Hydroelectric, oil and gas, and energy projects...

    bulong a325m cường độ cao

    Why should you choose Cuong Thinh for A325M Bolts?

    –  CTEG is committed to meeting 100% of the quality standards set: clarifying the materials used to create products for customers, providing the proper materials as promised, in line with the technical drawings and the required work.

    – Quick product return

    – On-time delivery

    - CTEG's products and services are aimed at providing the highest quality to customers, with product quality serving as the basic foundation for businesses and constantly innovating to provide the best value

    - CTEG consistently comes up with ways to import directly produced goods at the best possible prices without having to cross another bridge. helping to keep the domestic market stable. Bring manufactured goods to the world market gradually. Effectively support the growth of the nation and the industry.

    CTEG is committed to meeting 100% of the quality standards set. More Cuong Thinh bolt products can be found HERE!

    Bulong A325M CTEG

    The most important CTEG evaluation criteria:

    – Product quality: High-quality products that have been tested to meet standards before being released to the market. 

    - Warranty policy: CTEG's products are committed to providing the best after-sales service possible, including a lifetime warranty policy.

    – Delivery policy: CTEG pledges to deliver goods on time, quickly, and efficiently in order to serve you.

    – Return Policy: All defective products, even if they are in stock, will be returned. 

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