How the lack of threaded rods affects the construction

Threaded rods are indispensable materials in structural systems. Especially in systems like ventilation, wiring, and fire protection. If the quality of threaded rods, such as missing or defective threads, is not ensured, it can lead to significant risks. Let's explore common issues with low-quality threaded rods!

Consequences of missing or defective threaded rods

Missing or defective threads can result from processing, manufacturing deficiencies, or environmental influences and external forces.
Insufficient or uneven threads and incorrect dimensions create difficulties in installation. Mismatching with accompanying accessories such as bolts, nuts, screws, and washers is a significant concern.
Nghiệm trọng hơn là dẫn đến những sai số về mặt kỹ thuật dẫn đến những huệ lụy như công trình không an toàn, phát sinh chi phí sửa chửa bảo trì…
If still installable, these structures are prone to damage, settling, and cracking.
While threaded rods have a lifespan of over 50 years, using low-quality ones can reduce it to just 10 years.
The use of technically faulty threaded rods directly affects user safety, especially in large-scale projects with many users.
Repairing or replacing the suspension system can be challenging, potentially affecting the entire system.
This incurs costs for raw materials and replacement, repair expenses, etc.

Ty ren bị hụt ren, thiếu ren

Reasons for the lack and defect of threads

Raw materials: Substandard steel can lead to brittle threads, making them prone to breakage and causing missing or defective threads.
Manufacturing process: Errors in the thread-cutting machine can lead to deviations from the standard specifications.
Surface treatment: Poor surface treatment can result in corrosion, oxidation, and rusting, leading to faulty threads.
Accompanying accessories: Inappropriate selection of accompanying accessories can cause frictional forces during fastening, potentially leading to thread breakage or loss.
External impacts can also cause the breaking of connected thread steps.
Hụt ren, thiếu ren rất khó nhận biết bằng mắt thường, vì vậy hãy chọn các nhà cung cấp ty ren uy tín, quy trình sản xuất kiểm soát tốt và có thể tìm đơn vị kiểm định nếu cần thiết.

Remedies for missing or defective threads

The main cause of missing or defective threads in suspension rods originates from manufacturers. Therefore, improving manufacturing standards is crucial.
Adherence to the correct production processes, quality standards such as TCVN and DIN from raw materials to surface treatment is essential.
Quality checks at authorized inspection units before supplying to customers are necessary. If threaded rods do not meet standards, corrective measures should be taken.
For end-users, detecting thread quality is challenging. Hence, consider the following:
- Choose reputable suppliers with a track record of providing high-quality threaded rods. Seek detailed advice and recommendations.
- To minimize risks, consider using threaded rods with larger thread pitches as they are less prone to missing or defective threads compared to those with smaller pitches.
- Select appropriately sized accessories and avoid excessive force during installation to prevent high friction.
- If you observe missing or defective threads during construction, pause and switch to a higher-quality threaded rod.

Why Choose Cường Thịnh Threaded Rods

Here are reasons why customers can trust Cường Thịnh threaded rods:
- Threaded rods meet the TCVN 1916:1995 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.
- Material: Carbon Steel.
Surface treatment: Electroplated zinc, hot-dip galvanization.
- Diverse sizes and designs.
- Consistent thread pitches, preventing thread breakage or deficiency.
- Accurate weight for each threaded rod size.

>> Check the available sizes of Cường Thịnh threaded rods: https://cteg.vn/en/product/threaded-rod-m8-m10-m12/

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