Delivery policy

Before purchasing things, inspect the products and compare them to the invoices, paperwork, and delivery notes. If you have someone else pick up the goods, it is necessary to carefully inspect the goods before receiving them. If the purchase is successful, we will be responsible if there is a technical error on the part of the manufacturer (according to the Regulations on Exchange/Return of goods), all other cases are not our responsibility.

- All of the products we offer have sufficient documentation, such as a goods receipt, a delivery note, and a value-added invoice (if desired by the customer). Customers have the right to refuse delivery of products if they do not have at least one of the three types of documentation listed above to assure product quality, accurate items, and your interests in the exchange/return of goods.

– The delivery time may be longer than expected due to a variety of objective factors, including: incorrect delivery address, recipient is not at home at the time of delivery, delivery staff is unable to contact to deliver the goods, flood, fire, earthquake, strike, and other objective factors. We will contact you to re-negotiate a reasonable delivery time.

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