Classification and uses of various types of sheet metal screws.


Sheet metal screws are quite commonly used in the construction industry, especially in roofing projects. Furthermore, there are various types of screws available in the market with different structural characteristics and functions. Let's explore them together with CTEG!

Characteristics and Structure of Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws, consist of three main parts:

Screw Head: Designed with a four-sided shape, similar to a drill bit, which makes it easy to penetrate the surface it comes into contact with.
Screw Body: This part is typically threaded and serves to pass through and anchor deep into the surface of metal or wood.
Drilling Tip: Designed with a hexagonal or hex-like shape, usually made of rubber or plastic, and is used with a drilling machine to drive the screw into the desired position. It also helps prevent water from seeping into the drilled hole.

There are two main types of sheet metal screws:

Sheet metal screws used for attaching to iron or steel beams.
Sheet metal screws used for attaching to wooden beams.

Materials used in their construction are primarily alloy steel or stainless steel (Inox), following international standards such as JIS (Japan), ASTM (USA), GB (China), TCVN (Vietnam), etc.

Color: These screws are typically available in copper or zinc-plated finishes, but there are also multi-colored screws on the market, with shades of yellow and green, depending on the zinc plating solution used to prevent corrosion in various environments.

Common types of sheet metal screws include:

Stainless steel 304 sheet metal screws (SUS 304)
Stainless steel 316 sheet metal screws (SUS 316)
Self-drilling sheet metal screws
Taiwanese sheet metal screws

Classification and uses of various types of sheet metal screws


Fastening roofing sheets to the underlying structure.
Fastening and connecting metal frames, assembling brackets, etc.
Roofing with metal sheets.
Joining two components together, such as wood, aluminum, plastic, ...

Classification of Some Types of Screws:

1. Self-Drilling Screws: These screws have a pointed tip that resembles a drill bit, making it easy to penetrate and grip tightly on surfaces like steel, wood, and gypsum.

Common materials used are Inox 410 (SUS 410) and Inox 304 (SUS 304).
Applications: Primarily used for roofing with metal or high-strength structures.
Additionally, self-drilling screws can be used for assembling metal brackets and supports.

2. Drywall Screws: Drywall screws come in two types, with fine threads (for metal) and coarse threads (for drywall and wood).

Materials used include galvanized alloy steel and stainless steel SUS.
Applications: Ideal for use on gypsum surfaces, preventing water infiltration due to the screw's tight grip from head to tip.

3. Lag Screws: Lag screws typically have a square or hexagonal head with coarse threads on the body.

Materials commonly used are alloy steel.
Applications: These screws are used to connect heavy pieces of wood, especially for materials with substantial weight.

Sheet Metal Screws at Cường Thịnh

At Cường Thịnh Bolts, our products are guaranteed to:

Have high quality and be designed to match the specifications.
Undergo thorough inspection before being shipped.
Be competitively priced in Ho Chi Minh City.
Come with a long-lasting warranty and an exchange policy for any discovered defects.

Price List for Various Types of Sheet Metal Screws

The cost of these screws depends on several factors: the type of screw, material, size, quantity ordered by the customer, and the stability of the raw material supply market.

(Please contact CTEG for a price quote.)

Currently, there are many types of sheet metal screws on the market with varying price points. However, it's essential to choose a high-quality product to extend the lifespan of the drilled surface.

Contact CTEG for consultation and the latest price quotes on sheet metal screws. Hotline: 0914 117 937.

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