Anchor Bolt M27 Manufactured According to Project Specifications.

The M27 anchor bolt, with a thread diameter of 27mm, is employed in construction projects that demand high strength and load-bearing capacity. It finds applications in the precast steel foundation, workshops, bridges, steel frames, creating a robust and secure block system.
In the field of mechanical engineering, it is used for assembling large-sized machine components and heavy-duty equipment. In the oil and gas sector, it is utilized in drilling rigs, pipelines, and storage tanks, withstanding high pressure and temperatures, and resisting corrosion and oxidation in oil and gas environments.

What are M27 Anchor Bolts?

Technical specifications of the M27 anchor bolt include:

  • Thread diameter: 27mm
  • Grade: 4.8, 5.6, 6.6, 8.8, or 10.9
  • Surface finishing: Electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing for the entire body or the threaded end
  • Set: Quantity of nuts, accompanying washers
  • Standards: DIN 931/933, ISO 4014/4017, JIS B1178

Notes during the installation of the M27 anchor bolt:

Proper installation of the M27 anchor bolt ensures durability and safety standards for the construction project. Here are some important considerations:

Drill the anchor bolt holes in accordance with the positions specified for bolt attachment on the foundation. Ensure that the hole patterns are evenly distributed to maintain balance in force distribution.

Inspect and locate rebars and cores in clusters according to the design drawing. Technical specialists should use tools like leveling instruments and theodolites to precisely determine and position rebars and cores in clusters.

Install the bolts, ensuring the accurate protruding height, with a tolerance of 0%. Ensure that the M27 anchor bolt is perpendicular to the connecting surface as per the technical drawing.

Pay attention to protecting the threaded portion when pouring concrete to prevent damage to the threads due to cement adhesion.

Why choose the M27 anchor bolt from CTEG:

A company with years of experience, serving reputable contractors such as Atad, QH Plus, Seico...
Custom manufacturing based on customer requirements.
Modern machinery and equipment that meet high technical standards.
We commit to and consistently fulfill our commitments.

>> View the M27 anchor bolt product at CTEG: https://cteg.vn/en/product/l-shaped-anchor-bolts/

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